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PhotoRhino update for ALL bada devices!

The big performance and feature update for PhotoRhino finally is available for ALL bada devices.

Especially because of the big perfomance improvements this update is very interesting for all users of the (slower) 525, 533, 575 and 723 bada devices!

If you own a Samsung bada 525, 533, 575, 723, 8500 or 8530 phone you can update or download the new version to enjoy the following new features and improvements:

Performance improved filters

All filters (contrast, saturation, unsharp-masking, etc.) now need much less performance time.

That means it is now possible to work fluently with much bigger images and even faster with smaller pictures.

New image auto-correction features

Use the new auto white balance and auto histogram corrections separately or together to improve you photos with one (or two) clicks.

Edge detection

Detects and shows edges on your pictures.

You can modify the resulting image of the edge detection with PhotoRhino just as any other image.

Get the free demo version or the full version for 525/533/575/723 right now from SamsungApps:

PhotoRhino demo version for WaveWQ

PhotoRhino full version for WaveWQ

If you own a 8500/Wave or 8530 / Wave II, please use the following links:

PhotoRhino demo version for Wave / Wave II

PhotoRhino full version for Wave / Wave II

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Thanks for your interest!

Marc @ RhinoDevel

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