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RhinoBlackJackFree full version available for all bada devices

All the rhinos from RhinoBlackJack

Rhinos! 🙂

Finally the updated RhinoBlackJackFree game is available for all bada phones at SamsungApps.

The new free version is a real alternative to the paid version, because the restriction to 9 rounds and almost all pop-ups were removed.

Now you can play 66 rounds in RhinoBlackJackFree!

Get it for FREE:

RhinoBlackJackFree for Wave & Wave II

RhinoBlackJackFree for all other bada phones (578, 723, 533, 525,..)

Or get the paid version:

RhinoBlackJack for Wave & Wave II

RhinoBlackJack for all other bada phones (578, 723, 533, 525,..)


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Written by RhinoDevel

10. August 2011 at 10:22

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