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8BitEffects out for all bada WVGA and WQVGA smartphones!


Do you remember your old 1980’s 8-bit machines and their very special graphics?

Well, if you do (even, if you don’t) please take a look at the fresh RhinoDevel image effects app 8BitEffects that is finally available to you for free at SamsungApps!

Here are some screenshots:

Download the free RhinoDevel imaging app now:

8BitEffects for Samsung bada Wave 578, 723, 533 and 525

8BitEffects for Samsung bada Wave I, II and III

Enjoy 8BitEffects and don’t forget to comment and rate the app at SamsungApps. Thanks! 🙂


Marc @ RhinoDevel

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Images: FreeDigitalPhotos.Net

Written by RhinoDevel

28. October 2012 at 08:18

PhotoRhino review in Italian

PhotoRhino review at badaitalia.com

The bada experts from badaitalia.com reviewed the RhinoDevel image editing app PhotoRhino.

The review post also includes a nice video illustrating the PhotoRhino editor’s features.

Read the full article and watch the video here.

Thanks to the team of badaitalia.com! 🙂

Marc @ RhinoDevel

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Written by RhinoDevel

4. October 2011 at 21:19

RhinoBlackJackFree upgraded to free full version

RhinoBlackJackFree, the RhinoDevel Black Jack game for Samsung bada, is no longer just a demo version!

The updated version now is a real alternative to the paid version.

RhinoBlackJack (landscape mode)

RhinoBlackJack (landscape mode)

The restriction to 9 playable rounds and most pop-ups got removed!

There are also some other improvements added you might want to take a look at.

Download the game for your Samsung bada Wave or Wave II phone for free at SamsungApps.com:


It will be available for all other Samsung bada phones, soon.

Enjoy RhinoBlackJackFree! 🙂

Marc @ RhinoDevel

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Written by RhinoDevel

4. August 2011 at 08:11

RhinoBlackJack for free!

RhinoBlackJack for free

Download the full version of our Black Jack game for your Samsung bada device for free!

It is available for Wave and Wave II and all other bada phones at SamsungAppsfree for a limited time.

Please consider giving RhinoDevel your Like on Facebook – if you like RhinoBlackJack –

we are also glad about your ratings and comments at SamsungApps. 🙂

Watch the RhinoBlackJack demo videos here:



Have fun!

Marc @ RhinoDevel

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Written by RhinoDevel

27. June 2011 at 07:33

New app – FaceCollageRD!


FaceCollageRD is an exclusive new app for the bada Wave and Wave II devices.

It detects faces shown in photos you select from your device
and automatically creates a collage of all faces found.

Showing a collage of faces made with FaceCollageRD

Sample output collage

Find out more by downloading the free trial version FaceCollageDemoRD from SamsungApps.


Or check out the full version FaceCollageRD at SamsungApps.


Marc @ RhinoDevel

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26. May 2011 at 12:26

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PhotoRhino update!

Our unique image editing tool PhotoRhino for bada got improved!

The updated version is currently available for Samsung bada Wave / 8500 and Wave II / 8530
and should be out for all other Samsung bada devices in some days, too.

What’s new:

Performance improved filters

All filters (contrast, saturation, unsharp-masking, etc.) now need much less performance time.

That means it is now possible to work fluently with much bigger images and even faster with smaller pictures.

New image auto-correction features

Use the new auto white balance and auto histogram corrections separately or together to improve you photos with one (or two) clicks.

Edge detection

Detects and shows edges on your pictures.

You can modify the resulting image of the edge detection with PhotoRhino just as any other image.

Get the free demo version or the full version right now from SamsungApps:

PhotoRhino demo version

PhotoRhino full version

If you think PhotoRhino is useful, we would be very happy about your Facebook Like at facebook.com/RhinoDevel.

Thanks for your interest!

Marc @ RhinoDevel

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13. April 2011 at 17:05

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