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The BIG PhotoRhino update – Preview I

There was not a lot of time in the last months to improve the RhinoDevel apps, but now I am finally working on some new features and improvements for my bada imaging app PhotoRhino!

Here is a little image previewing some of the new features (click the image for full resolution):

As you can see I manipulated one of Mirja‘s creations with the new Edges and Black/White effects to be found soon in the next version of PhotoRhino.

Stay tuned and many greetings! 🙂

Marc @ RhinoDevel

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Written by RhinoDevel

13. May 2012 at 19:41


Take a look a look at these dressed up rhinos (animated GIF):

Watch all the rhinos from RhinoDressUp in this animated GIF

Animated GIF!

Get them all for FREE and dress up your own rhinos by downloading RhinoDressUp!

Get it for your iOS device right here.

For your Samsung bada WVGA phone here.

And finally for your Samsung bada WQVGA phone here.

Enjoy this free little game! 🙂

Marc @ RhinoDevel

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22. November 2011 at 17:30

RhinoDressUp out now for iOS – for free!

RhinoDressUp is a free game already available for all Samsung bada phones and finally out for Apple iOS devices, too!

RhinoDressUp for iOS

Download it for your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad here.

All rhinos and dresses were created by Mirja T. Check out her other free app MirjasGallery and visit Mirja’s complete online art gallery at http://niviswinter.deviantart.com/gallery/.

RhinoDressUp for iOS (2)

Really hope you and your kids enjoy dressing up the rhinos!

Please let us know, if you like the app by rating and reviewing RhinoDressUp at the Apple AppStore.

Have a lot of fun! 🙂

Marc @ RhinoDevel

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24. October 2011 at 12:32

New free game for all bada phones – RhinoDressUp

RhinoDressUp (WQVGA)

RhinoDressUp is a new game by RhinoDevel available for free for all bada phones!

You may already know Manni – the RhinoDevel mascot – from our other apps like PhotoRhino and RhinoBlackJack.

RhinoDressUp (WVGA)

With the RhinoDressUp app you can dress up Manni just as you like. It is also possible to change the background and every background comes with a complete dress, too. You can even save your dressed up Manni as image file to use it as wallpaper, etc.


RhinoDressUp is one of the apps (just like MirjasGallery, that is also available for free) that are only possible because of Mirja T.‘s great (art-)work. Mirja invented the rhinos and created all the backgrounds and dresses you can see in RhinoDressUp!

Download RhinoDressUp for free for your WVGA phone (Wave, Wave II, etc.)

Download RhinoDressUp for free for you WQVGA phone (578, 723, 525, etc.)

Hope you enjoy the game!

Please let us know, if you like RhinoDressUp by rating and commenting directly at SamsungApps.com, liking RhinoDevel and Mirja T. at Facebook or visit Mirja’s online art gallery at DeviantArt.com. You can also find me at Google+!

Have fun! 🙂

Marc @ RhinoDevel

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Written by RhinoDevel

14. October 2011 at 12:42

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